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Women will surpass men in college degrees and income. More women are taking charge and leading than ever before.

Today women are finding greater equality in all areas of life. From school to work women are earning more college degrees and making more money on the job than they used to. In fact, in 2012, 29% of women out earned their husband and this number continues to rise.

One area where women are unfortunately still lagging behind men is with their retirement. In 2013, the average women had about $50K less saved for retirement then a man the same age. In most instances women should be more focused on retirement, as they are the ones who normally retire sooner and are responsible for care of their parents.

The good news is, it’s never too late to start to plan for retirement. In many cases women actually have advantages over men when it comes to investing. A recent study in USA Today noted that women tend to be better investors than men for a few reasons. First, they tend to focus on longer-term, non-monetary goals. While retirement planning is about money, it’s also about where you want to be in life at a certain time and once you know that, you can start to plan for finances. Another reason women tend to make better investors is that the are more likely to ask for direction if they are unsure or new to something. Lastly, with this new found knowledge, women are more thorough and spend more time making important decisions. These are all great qualities for an investor to possess.

You have Unique Financial Challenges

Longer Life Expectancy
  • Women's average life expectancy is 2 - 3 years longer than men
  • On average, a 65 year-old female will live another 21.6 years
  • Money needs to last longer
Primary Caregiver
  • Leave the workforce
  • Stay home to care for children
  • Care for parents or other depends
Retirement Catch Up
  • On average, earn less than men
  • Smaller contributions to Social Security
  • Most receive smaller pensions, less cash available for retirement
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